• Subtext comic due tomorrow
  • Homework for Act IV
    • Based on his previous actions and comments, do you believe that Capulet is sincere when he says, “And with my child my joys are buried” (IV.5)  What do you think makes him say such a thing?  Why did it take him so long to realize how much his daughter meant to him?
    • Write a short response (3 lines for each) for two or three of the following:
      • I believe that Juliet has/has not changed significantly since the beginning of the play…
      • Friar Laurence’s plan is / is not likely to succeed…
      • What I have discovered so far about Juliet is…
      • What I find most difficult to understand about this act is…
    • Friar Laurence’s advice to Juliet is “be strong and prosperous in this resolve” (IV.1.122-123)/  What advice would YOU give to Juliet?  to Friar Laurence?


Hamlet Acts II and III worksheet – class time will be given tomorrow.


ENGLISH 10: Important Quotes Analysis due tomorrow.

ENGLISH 12: Flash Fiction #3 due tomorrow.  Also, please prepare 2 book club questions for tomorrow’s discussion.

ENGLISH 10: Literary response paragraph for Romeo and Juliet is due on Monday, April 11th.  Guidelines:

  • 200-250 words, including quotations from the play
  • double-spaced
  • avoid using contractions (unless they are in a quotation)
  • write using the present tense

TOPIC: Choose either the Nurse or Friar Laurence and discuss whether or not they are being responsible.


Hamlet grid showing the difference between appearance and reality in the first two acts is due on Monday, April 11th.  Heads up, a timed write will occur during class time next week involving Francis Bacon’s “Of Revenge” and Hamlet.

Flash Fiction #3 criteria:

  • Idea: we learn the most from the people closest to us
  • Object: shattered rum bottle
  • Vocab: lecherous
  • Feeling: smooth like a text book
  • Due Date: Friday, April 15th
  • If possible, please send me your work in google doc format

ENGLISH 10: Study for your Romeo and Juliet Act II quiz.  Also, your literary paragraph is due on Monday, April 11th.

ENGLISH 12: Don’t forget to create your two discussion questions for tomorrow’s book club meeting.  If you were away today, be sure to pick up a copy of Sir Francis Bacon’s essay, “Of Revenge.”  You will need to write about it next week in an upcoming timed write.

ENGLISH 10: Act II worksheet for homework.  We will mark this in class tomorrow and your Act II quiz will be on Friday.

ENGLISH 12: Quiz tomorrow on elements of tragedies.  We finished reading Act II today.

ENGLISH 10: If you were absent today, you missed the Act I quiz.  Please be prepared to write it on Monday.  No homework for the weekend.

ENGSLISH 12: If you haven’t already done so, please let me know what your first 2 choices are for book club.  Also, Act I worksheet is an open book, take-home test and is due at the start of class on Tuesday, no exceptions (no late breaks allowed).

ENGLISH 10: If you were away, we finished reading Act I scenes 1 and 2.  No homework tonight.



ENGLISH 12: If you were away, we finished reading Act I scene 1.  New assignment: You Be the Director – time will be given in class to complete.