December 2009


My apologies for not posting the homework questions last night.  Here they are:

Part II, End

  1. At the end of Part II, Winston’s paperweight is shattered.  What does this symbolize?  Explain. (2)

 Part III, Chapter 1

  1. Where is Winston? How is he treated there and why? Which of Winston’s acquaintances is in the same place and why? (4)
  2. What happens between the starving man and the chinless man? (1)
  3. What effect to the words “Room 101” have on the skull-faced man? (1)
  4. Who truly is O’Brien? What do he and Charrington have in common? (2)

Part III, chapter 2

  1. What sort of treatment does Winston receive? What is O’Brien attempting to teach Winston? (2)
  2. O’Brien explains how the Inner Party avoids the mistakes of past totalitarian governments. State in your own words what O’Brien means. (2)
  3. What effect does the (painless) shock treatment have on Winston? (1)
  4. What questions does Winston ask O’Brien and what are the responses? (2)

 To do over the 2 week break:

  • Finish 1984 if you have not done so alread.
  • Complete Response Journals 5 & 6: due Wednesday January 6
  • Complete 1984 final creative project: due Wednesday January 6


Well done class!  We finished Twelfth Night before the break!  No English homework for the next two weeks.  If you want to watch a funny movie, I recommend She’s the Man – a modernized version of Twelfth Night that takes place in a high school.



Well done class!  The personal essay competition was fantastic!  I enjoyed hearing all of your stories! 

To do over the 2 week break:

  • Finish reading Finnie Walsh if you have not done so already.
  • Complete your verbal visual essay: due Tuesday, January 5th.


Assignment: Response Journal#3 is due tomorrow.  (pages 100-150)

Readings: to the end of part II


Thank you to everyone who helped with decorating our door.  It looks fantastic!

If you were absent today, you need to read to the end of Act III.



Assignment: Our personal essay competition begins on Thursday. 

Reminder: Bring a mug if you would like a hot beverage on Thursday or Friday.


Due Today: Multi-paragraph composition

Due Wednesday: Response Journal #3 (page 100-150)

Reading: Read to page 191 

Homework Focus Questions: (due tomorrow) 

  1. In chapter 4 (part II), Winston’s reaction to the singing prole woman (p.144 & 148) is similar to the reaction he has to the singing thrush (p130). 
    • Describe his reaction? (1)
    • How does this tie in with Winston’s prediction that “If there is hope, it lies with the proles”? Explain. (2)
  2. Chapter 4 ends with Winston focusing on the glass paperweight with the piece of coral inside.  For Winston, what does the paperweight symbolize?  Explain. (2)
  3. What is Winston deathly afraid of? (1)
  4. Describe the preparations for Hate Week in chapters 5 & 6. In what ways does the Inner Party excel in building spirit? (3)
  5. Julia and Winston have some differences. Explain them. (4)
  6. What finally convinces Winston that O’Brien is a member of the Brotherhood? (2)


If you were absent today, you missed the Act II quiz.  See me as soon as you get back from school to arrange a time to make up the quiz.

Reminder: Help decorate our door for the competition in block 2.  We are meeting tomorrow morning at 8:30.  The three best doors will win a pizza lunch!


Congratulations to team Minerva, this weeks winner of the block 1 team challenge!

 Assignment: Revise the rough draft of your multi-paragraph composition.  Be sure to go through the editing checklist located on the Claremont website.

Reading: please read to page 158


Congratulations to team Minerva, this week’s winner of the block 2 team challenge.

Homework: Study for Monday’s Twelfth Night Act II quiz.  Be sure to review the Act II worksheet.


If you were absent today, you missed a timed write and a reading quiz. 

In Class Writing:  You will need to draft this at home on your own.  The polished copy is due on Monday, December 14th.  Here are the instructions:

Write a multi-paragraph composition (i.e. more than 2 paragraphs!) of approximately 300 words.  The composition can be either:

  • a literary response to the novel 1984 (i.e. an essay agreeing or disagreeing with the topic in relation to the novel)      OR
  • a creative narrative for the novel 1984 (i.e. a creative piece written in the point of view of one of the characters from 1984 – Winston, Syme, Big Brother, Emmanuel Goldstein, etc…)

Choose one of the following topics:

  • A good life does not need to be complex
  • Each stage of life brings new choices


Homework: Complete Twelfth Night Act II worksheet

Quiz: Act II quiz will be on Monday, December 14th.


Assignment: Personal essay rough drafts are due on Monday, December 14. 

Personal Essay Competition: Begins on Thursday.  Everyone must read their story out loud.


Reading: to page 143 (end of chapter 3, part 2)

Assignment: Response Journal #2 (based on pages 50-100ish) – due tomorrow.


Reading: to page 100

Begin writing your personal essay rough drafts.


Homework: Quote Analysis.  For each of the following quotations, (a) provide the context of the quotation.  That is, describe what is happening in the novel at the time (1 mark); and (b) discuss the significance of the quotation.  Things to consider include what the quotation reveals about the characters or society in which they live.  Also, consider irony, conflict, foreshadowing, etc…  (4 marks).  Total value: 25 marks

  1. “One of these days, thought Winston with sudden deep conviction, Syme will be vaporized.  He is too intelligent.  He sees too clearly and speaks too plainly.” (p. 56)
  2. If there is hope, wrote Winston, it lies in the proles” (p. 72)
  3. “Everything faded into mist.  The past was erased, the erasure was forgotten, the lie became truth.” (p. 78)
  4. “The Party told you to reject the evidence of your eyes and ears.  It was their final, most essential command.” (p.84)
  5. Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four.  If that is granted, all else follows. (p. 84)


Tonight, study for you Act I quiz.  Know the characters and the plot.  It would be a wise idea to review your Act I worksheet.


Reading: to page 82 (diamond)

Homework:  Think  of 2 or 3 possible topics for your personal essay.

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