February 2011


Homework: Finish chapters 19-22 questions (if you did not complete them in class) and read to the end of chapter 25.

  1. Although it is obvious that Mayella is lying, to what degree is the accusation against Tom Robinson her fault?  Explain your answer. (3)
  2. We find out that Dolphus Raymond has deliberately made himself into an outcast.  Why is he motivated to do so?  Explain how he is getting the last laugh. (3)
  3. When Tom Robinson says he felt sorry for Mayella, the spectators are outraged.  Why? (1)
  4. In Atticus’ closing argument, he makes a speech about equality.  He suggests that in some circumstances, people are not equal and in other circumstances, people are, or should be.  Explain his theory. (4)
  5. Do you think Atticus should have allowed his children to attend the trial?  Why or why not? (3)
  6. Miss Maudie states, “It’s just a baby step, but it’s a step” even though Tom Robinson is found guilty.  What does she mean? (3)


Medical Report for Holden is due tomorrow.  Also, there will be a timed write in class tomorrow.


ENGLISH 10: Read to the end of chapter 22 for Monday.

ENGLISH 12: see previous post for upcoming due dates.


Block 1: Excellent presentations today.  The quality of the montages met or exceeded my expectations!  Well done!  For homework, complete the chapter 12-16 worksheet and read chapters 17 + 18

Blocks 2 & 4: Presentations begin tomorrow.  Please be prepared.  Homework: read chapters 19+20.


Important dates:

  • the due date for the medical report has been changed to Tuesday, March 1st
  • synthesis essay is due on Tuesday, March 8th
  • in-class timed write on Pleasantville will occur early next week, once we have finished watching the film.

Synthesis Essay Topics:  Choose 1 of the following:

  1. What is Holden’s theme song?
  2. Compare The Catcher in the Rye with the movie Pleasantville.


Wow, look at that snow.

No homework today except to catch up on your readings.  English 12, make sure you have finished the novel.  English 10, feel free to read ahead.

ENGLISH 10: Continue to work on your montage assignment.  Check your criteria carefully to make sure that you have included all aspects.

  • Block 1 will present on Wednesday
  • Block 2 will present on Friday
  • Block 4 will present on Thursday.

ENGLISH 12: The medical report for Holden Caulfield was assigned today and will be due in one week: Monday, February 28th.  Please read to the end of Chapter 24.


If you have not completed your 2 pages of notes for your research project, please do so over the weekend.  Remember, you must you a minimum of three different sources.  I highly recommend that you use the e-resources from the Claremont library (which you can access from your home computer if you have internet access and the library password).

Reading Homework: chapters 15 & 16


The Catcher in the Rye point of view assignment is due on Monday.

Reading Homework: chapters 19-21



Homework: complete chapter 12 + 13 questions

Read chapter 14



Homework: read chapters 17 – 18

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