March 2011

ENGLISH 10: If you were away, we finished reading Act I scenes 1 and 2.  No homework tonight.



ENGLISH 12: If you were away, we finished reading Act I scene 1.  New assignment: You Be the Director – time will be given in class to complete.


I hope that you all had a fantastic Spring Break.

ENGLISH 10: Today, we started our Romeo and Juliet unit.  If you were away, you need to get a copy of the Shakespeare Scavenger Hunt and the introductory notes.



ENGLISH 12: Today, we started our Hamlet unit.  If you were away, you need to get the introductory notes.


  • Animal Farm unit quiz tomorrow.
  • All of your Farmtopia components must be posted on the wall tomorrow.


  • Debates continue tomorrow.  Great job to those who battled it out today
  • Flash Fiction #2 due tomorrow.


  • Read chapters 6+7
  • Focus Questions  (homework)
    • By the end of chapter 5, it becomes increasingly apparent that Snowball and Napoleon have different ideas for the farm.  Create a Venn diagram comparing and contrasting Snowball and Napoleon. (6)
    • What are Squealer’s personality traits?  How might his name be symbolic? (4)
    • What was Napoleon’s part in the Battle of the Cowshed?  What does this tell us about his role on Animal Farm? (2)
    • How does Boxer’s reaction to killing a human contrast with Snowball’s response? (1)
    • What happens to Mollie?  What might her disappearance tell us about life on Anmal Farm? (2)


  • To Kill a Mockingbird essays are due on Monday, March 14th
  • Please read chapters 4 + 5 of Animal Farm


  • Flash Fiction #2 must include the following:
    • object: cold metal water bottle
    • taste: overly sweet frosting
    • vocabulary: erudite (having profound knowledge)
    • idea: A good life does not have to be complex
  • Our debate unit begins on Monday.
    • Be it resolved that Hollywood has a negative effect on the world
      • Adam, Adam and Nolan Ryan vs. Ceanne, Melissa & Dan
    • Be it resolved that video and audio surveillance should be utilized in public schools.
      • Brendan Flower, Shayla, and Elena vs. Cristina, Jennifer, and Kaylee
    • Be is resolved that post-secondary schooling should be paid by the government.
      • Kevin, Tara, and Free vs. Amanda, Derek, and Nigel
    • Be it resolved that school uniforms should be mandated in public schools
      • Melanie, Dayle, and Justin vs. Nathan, Joel, and Chris
    • Be it resolved that elective cosmetic surgery should be banned.
      • Chantal & Savannah vs. Coralie and Brenden Fatt

ENGLISH 10: Complete the questions for Animal Farm if you didn’t do so during class.  Read chapters 2 & 3

ENGLISH 12: Flash Fictions are due tomorrow.


  • Essay rough drafts are due on Wednesday, March 8th.  If you are going to be away, please have your draft ready for Tuesday, March 7th.


  • I will accept paragraphs on “The Snob” up until noon on Sunday – no penalty.  The topic is: Discuss irony in the short story, “The Snob”
  • Your Catcher in the Rye essays are due on Tuesday, March 7th.  If you would like me take a look at a draft, please share me on a google doc by Monday.  I will likely have around noon to edit and give advice.
  • Today is the FINAL DEADLINE for medical reports on Holden Caulfield.  If I do not receive yours electronically by midnight, you will get a ZERO!!!!
  • Flash Fiction Friday:  Write a creative flash fiction (flash as in short: 2 pages double spaced maximum).  Your story must include the following:
  1. object: small tarnished penny
  2. taste: smooth and creamy taste of vanilla ice cream
  3. idea: surprises can make life interesting
  4. vocabulary: clandestine

This is due next Friday.  Have fun!!

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