ENGLISH 10: Literary response paragraph for Romeo and Juliet is due on Monday, April 11th.  Guidelines:

  • 200-250 words, including quotations from the play
  • double-spaced
  • avoid using contractions (unless they are in a quotation)
  • write using the present tense

TOPIC: Choose either the Nurse or Friar Laurence and discuss whether or not they are being responsible.


Hamlet grid showing the difference between appearance and reality in the first two acts is due on Monday, April 11th.  Heads up, a timed write will occur during class time next week involving Francis Bacon’s “Of Revenge” and Hamlet.

Flash Fiction #3 criteria:

  • Idea: we learn the most from the people closest to us
  • Object: shattered rum bottle
  • Vocab: lecherous
  • Feeling: smooth like a text book
  • Due Date: Friday, April 15th
  • If possible, please send me your work in google doc format