• To Kill a Mockingbird essays are due on Monday, March 14th
  • Please read chapters 4 + 5 of Animal Farm


  • Flash Fiction #2 must include the following:
    • object: cold metal water bottle
    • taste: overly sweet frosting
    • vocabulary: erudite (having profound knowledge)
    • idea: A good life does not have to be complex
  • Our debate unit begins on Monday.
    • Be it resolved that Hollywood has a negative effect on the world
      • Adam, Adam and Nolan Ryan vs. Ceanne, Melissa & Dan
    • Be it resolved that video and audio surveillance should be utilized in public schools.
      • Brendan Flower, Shayla, and Elena vs. Cristina, Jennifer, and Kaylee
    • Be is resolved that post-secondary schooling should be paid by the government.
      • Kevin, Tara, and Free vs. Amanda, Derek, and Nigel
    • Be it resolved that school uniforms should be mandated in public schools
      • Melanie, Dayle, and Justin vs. Nathan, Joel, and Chris
    • Be it resolved that elective cosmetic surgery should be banned.
      • Chantal & Savannah vs. Coralie and Brenden Fatt