• Essay rough drafts are due on Wednesday, March 8th.  If you are going to be away, please have your draft ready for Tuesday, March 7th.


  • I will accept paragraphs on “The Snob” up until noon on Sunday – no penalty.  The topic is: Discuss irony in the short story, “The Snob”
  • Your Catcher in the Rye essays are due on Tuesday, March 7th.  If you would like me take a look at a draft, please share me on a google doc by Monday.  I will likely have around noon to edit and give advice.
  • Today is the FINAL DEADLINE for medical reports on Holden Caulfield.  If I do not receive yours electronically by midnight, you will get a ZERO!!!!
  • Flash Fiction Friday:  Write a creative flash fiction (flash as in short: 2 pages double spaced maximum).  Your story must include the following:
  1. object: small tarnished penny
  2. taste: smooth and creamy taste of vanilla ice cream
  3. idea: surprises can make life interesting
  4. vocabulary: clandestine

This is due next Friday.  Have fun!!