To Kill a Mockingbird part 2 test is tomorrow.

  • Part I: Vocabulary (words: furtive,adamant, sordid, squalid, brevity, inconsistent, alien, frivolous, affirmative, and antagonize)
  • Part II: Quote Analysis
  • Part III: Short Answer
  • Part IV: Paragraph Response

Important Dates: To Kill a Mockingbird Essay Rough Draft due on Wednesday, March 8th (If you will be away for lacrosse, you must have your rough draft ready for March 7th).  The polished essay is due on Monday, March 14th.


Finish reading Morley Callaghan’s “The Snob” and write a literary paragraph (approximately 200 words) on the following topic: Discuss irony in the the short story, “The Snob”  If possible, please send me a google doc.