Homework: Finish chapters 19-22 questions (if you did not complete them in class) and read to the end of chapter 25.

  1. Although it is obvious that Mayella is lying, to what degree is the accusation against Tom Robinson her fault?  Explain your answer. (3)
  2. We find out that Dolphus Raymond has deliberately made himself into an outcast.  Why is he motivated to do so?  Explain how he is getting the last laugh. (3)
  3. When Tom Robinson says he felt sorry for Mayella, the spectators are outraged.  Why? (1)
  4. In Atticus’ closing argument, he makes a speech about equality.  He suggests that in some circumstances, people are not equal and in other circumstances, people are, or should be.  Explain his theory. (4)
  5. Do you think Atticus should have allowed his children to attend the trial?  Why or why not? (3)
  6. Miss Maudie states, “It’s just a baby step, but it’s a step” even though Tom Robinson is found guilty.  What does she mean? (3)


Medical Report for Holden is due tomorrow.  Also, there will be a timed write in class tomorrow.