Homework: read to the end of chapter 6 (my apologies to block 1 – I told you chapter 8 by accident).  Also, please have a rough draft of your tabloid article ready for Monday.  We will edit your draft on Monday and the final copy will be due on Tuesday.


Homework: read to the end of chapter 7.

If you did not finish Chapter 1 – 3 Questions, please do so for Monday:

  1. In the opening chapter, the narrator Holden indicates that he is going to tell you about his life.  (a) What part of his life is going to recall? (b) Where is he right now?
  2. The reader immediately gets the sense that Holden is lonely and a social outcast.  Identify three things/events that emphasize his loneliness and that he is an outcast.
  3. In the opening of Chapter 3, Holden states that he is “a terrific liar”.  In your opinion, what drives people to be liars?
  4. Describe Holden’s relationship with Ackley.  What does he like about Ackley?  What does he dislike about Ackley?
  5. Does Holden like Stradlater?  Defend your answer.