Due Today: Multi-paragraph composition

Due Wednesday: Response Journal #3 (page 100-150)

Reading: Read to page 191 

Homework Focus Questions: (due tomorrow) 

  1. In chapter 4 (part II), Winston’s reaction to the singing prole woman (p.144 & 148) is similar to the reaction he has to the singing thrush (p130). 
    • Describe his reaction? (1)
    • How does this tie in with Winston’s prediction that “If there is hope, it lies with the proles”? Explain. (2)
  2. Chapter 4 ends with Winston focusing on the glass paperweight with the piece of coral inside.  For Winston, what does the paperweight symbolize?  Explain. (2)
  3. What is Winston deathly afraid of? (1)
  4. Describe the preparations for Hate Week in chapters 5 & 6. In what ways does the Inner Party excel in building spirit? (3)
  5. Julia and Winston have some differences. Explain them. (4)
  6. What finally convinces Winston that O’Brien is a member of the Brotherhood? (2)


If you were absent today, you missed the Act II quiz.  See me as soon as you get back from school to arrange a time to make up the quiz.

Reminder: Help decorate our door for the competition in block 2.  We are meeting tomorrow morning at 8:30.  The three best doors will win a pizza lunch!