If you were absent today, you missed a timed write and a reading quiz. 

In Class Writing:  You will need to draft this at home on your own.  The polished copy is due on Monday, December 14th.  Here are the instructions:

Write a multi-paragraph composition (i.e. more than 2 paragraphs!) of approximately 300 words.  The composition can be either:

  • a literary response to the novel 1984 (i.e. an essay agreeing or disagreeing with the topic in relation to the novel)      OR
  • a creative narrative for the novel 1984 (i.e. a creative piece written in the point of view of one of the characters from 1984 – Winston, Syme, Big Brother, Emmanuel Goldstein, etc…)

Choose one of the following topics:

  • A good life does not need to be complex
  • Each stage of life brings new choices


Homework: Complete Twelfth Night Act II worksheet

Quiz: Act II quiz will be on Monday, December 14th.


Assignment: Personal essay rough drafts are due on Monday, December 14. 

Personal Essay Competition: Begins on Thursday.  Everyone must read their story out loud.