Reading: Please read to page 90.

Assignment: Reading response journal #1 due tomorrow.


No homework 🙂  If you were away, you need to read Act I, scenes 1-4


Homework: (1) write a tribue poem following the format given in class; (2) Read the poem “As in the Beginning” and answer the following questions:

  1. In two or three sentences, paraphrase both stanzas of the poem. 
  2. Quote one simile found in the poem. 
  3. Describe the speaker’s tone in the first stanza.  Describe the speaker’s tone in the second stanza.  How does her tone change? 
  4. Identify the repetition used in this poem.  What effect does it have? 
  5. What is line 23 alluding to?  (hint: a historical allusion) 
  6. If we interpret the words in the second stanza literally  (at face value), it appears that the speaker wishes she could give her father his hands back.  If we read deeper into the meaning, what does the speaker really want?