Complete the following discussion questions for homework (based on reading p 1 -50)

  1.  The name Winston means “from a friendly country” and “Smith” is a common last name.  How is this ironic? (2)
  2. What is Newspeak?  What is its purpose? (Refer to appendix 1 and page 56).  Why is it essential for The Party to rid the language of synonyms and antonyms? (4)
  3. How is language important to freedom? Discuss. (4)
  4. Who is Big Brother and what is the significance of his name? (2)
  5. Winston states that “he had recognized himself as a dead man” (page 30).  What does he mean? (4)
  6. What do you make of Mrs. Parson’s children? (2)


Homework: (1) Study for quiz on Shakespeare and the Globe Theatre – be sure to review diagram of the globe theatre (2) Prepare your final copy of your essay which is due tomorrow.  Please double space your essay.


Reading: to page 16 (diamond)


  1. How do we know that Finnie and Paul are true friends? Give examples. (2)
  2. On page 2, Paul the narrator says, “When I met Finnie Walsh, I was too young to realize that we weren’t supposed to be friends.”  What does he mean by this statement? (2)
  3. Do you think it is likely that Finnie and Paul would have become friends if they had met in grade 9 as opposed to grade 3?  Why or why not? (2)
  4. Give three personality traits that describe Finnie Walsh.  Support your analysis with examples. (6)