Homework: Read up to the end of page 50 for Monday.

If you were away today, you missed an in-class timed write on the opening of the novel 1984.



Assignment: The final copy of your essay is due on Tuesday, December 1st.  Please double space and type.

If you were away today, you missed a vocabulary quiz and an essay editing session.  Be sure to check for the following when editing your essay:

  1. Does your essay start with a hook or general statement?  If not, don’t forget to add one.
  2. Does your introduction have a sneak preview?
  3. Is the introduction more than 3 sentences?
  4. Scan your essay for “I”, “You”, “We”, and “Our”.  Remove them (unless they are apart of a line quotation).
  5. Scan your essay for contractions like “can’t” and “don’t”.  Remove them and replace them with the full words (i.e. cannot or does not”)
  6. Check your quotations.  Are they integrated?  If you are not sure, click here.
  7. Is your essay written using present tense?  It should be!
  8. Use persuasive language in your essay.  Click here for a list of persuasive and transition words.