Homework:  (1) Read up to page 39 of the novel, (2) Highlight or underline anything strange or ironic in the first 11 pages of the novel 1984 (please use the photocopies given in class!).  Annotate your observations in the margins.  You will write a timed-paragraph tomorrow in class based on your observations.


Good work today with the rough draft essay writing in class!  You all worked very hard!  The final copy of your essay is due on Tuesday, December 1st.  The final copy should be double spaced and typed.

Homework: (1) study for your vocabulary quiz and (2) finish your rough draft if you have not done so already.  Be sure to bring your rough draft to school tomorrow as we will be editing it in class.


Reminders: The Romeo and Juliet Act IV and V quiz is on Friday.  Also, your scene presentations will begin on Friday.