hamlet1ENGLISH 12

Homework: Complete the literary terms worksheet on the “To be or not to be speech” for tomorrow.

the-chocolate-warENGLISH 9

This week’s vocabulary words are: (1) avocation, (2) morally, (3) Insolent, (4)Impertinent, (5) Defiant, (6) Wayward, (7) Egotistical, and (8) Introverted/Introvert

Homework: Focus Questions for Ch 22-26

  • How does Goober react to Jerry’s comment that “It’s all a game.”  What insight does this give us about Goober? (2) – ch 23
  • Describe Brother Leon’s behaviour at the end of ch 24.  Is his reaction surprising? Acceptable?  Explain. (3)
  • When Jerry is summoned before the Vigils (a)  How does Jerry respond to their request? (b) What is Obie thinking? (c) What is Carter thinking?
  • Give examples of Jerry being a risk-taker in chapter 26.  Why is he behaving this way? (3)


Team Challenge:  Memorize Lines and Earn Points for Your Team

Each person who recites lines will earn points for his or her team.  If each person memorizes all three excerpts, each would earn 53 points!

  • Act I prologue – 14 points
  • Act II, scene 2, lines 2 – 25 (“But soft!  What light through yonder window breaks…” 24 points
  • Act II, scene 2, lines 33 – 49 (“O Romeo, Romeo!  wherefore art thou Romeo?…”) 15 points