hamlet1ENGLISH 12

If you were absent today, you must read Hamlet Act III, scene 2 on your own.  


the-chocolate-warENGLISH 9 

Reminder: Your persuasive paragraph is due today.  If you did not bring it to class today, please e-mail it to me: stong@sd63.bc.ca


Homework: Chapter 18 – 21 Focus  Questions

  1. In chapter 18, what insight is revealed about Jerry’s motivations for saying “No” (2)
  2. In chapter 20, why does Obie feel anger towards Archie? (2)
  3. What could Archie’s motivations be for informing Brother Jacques? (2)
  4. How are the power dynamics shifting (up to the end of ch 21)? (4)
  5. What is foreshadowed at the end of chapter 21? (1) 


If you were away today, we read Act II scene 2, the famous balcony scene in Romeo and Juliet.  We also watch two movie versions of the balcony scene.  Tomorrow, you will write an in-class composition defending which version of the balcony scene is superior.