If you were absent today, you missed notes on (1) Background Information, Setting, and Characters in the play Hamlet and (2) Underlying Themes in Hamlet.  We will begin reading the play tomorrow in class.

Upcoming Deadlines

  • Medical Report for Holden Caulfield due tomorrow.  Note, for part 3, aim for 7 – 8 quotes.
  • Final Essay is due on Monday, October 19th.

ENGLISH 9the-chocolate-war

Readings: Chapters 1-4

Homework: Write about an ordinary scene using descriptive language.  Be sure to use similes, hyperboles, and/or metaphors.  Rough draft due tomorrow (2 paragraphs).  Remember, this is not a story; it’s just a snapshot of an event. 

Team Challenge Tomorrow: Share your descriptive writing with the class and earn 5 points for your team.



Congratulations to Taylor for winning the Shakespeare Scavenger Hunt!

Assignment: Today we started a research project on Elizabethan Life. You will have research time on Thursday and Friday in the computer lab.  Presentations will begin on Tuesday.  The groups are as follows:

  • Entertainment: Taylor, Michelle, Nikki, and Emily L.
  • Crime and Punishment: Caitlin, Rachel, Emily H, and Emmalee
  • Medicine: Stephanie G, Meredith, and Liam
  • Fashion: Shawn, Patrick, Chris, and Josh
  • Queen Elizabeth I: Shweta, Nicole, Goneet, and Stephanie W
  • Food: James, Derek, and Sam
  • Marriage: Rhys, Dylan, and Adam