catcher5ENGLISH 12

Congratulations to Victoria, Tyler, and Kurtis for writing exceptional literary responses on irony for “Ode to a User-Friendly Pencil.  Also, congratulations to Ethan, Kristina, and David for writing exceptional point-of-view responses for The Catcher in the Rye.  Each students has earned 10 points each for their teams!

Important Due Dates:

  1. Medical Report for Holden due on Thursday, October 15th
  2. Final Essay due on Monday, October 19th

Homework: (due tomorrow)

  1. Passage Response to the importance of pages 110-111.  What does Holden come to realize?  How does this relate to Holden’s goal of being the catcher in the rye? 
  2. At the end of the novel, why does Pheobe get angry with Holden? (2)
  3. When did Holden experience his one moment of pure happiness and freedom?  Defend your answer. (3)
  4. Why do you think Holden was sorry that he told everyone about his experiences? Explain. (3)

the-chocolate-warENGLISH 9 – Block 2

Homework: please complete your vocabulary graphic organizers for the following words: empathy, sympathy, revulsion, vehement, contempt, mollify, amiable, and burlesque.

Quiz Alert: There will be a vocabulary quiz on Friday, October 16th