1. Final draft of persuasive paragraph for “The Father” is due tomorrow.  Make sure that it is double spaced.
  2. If you would like to update your notebook for remarking, please have it ready for tomorrow.

Paragraph Writing Tips

  • Include the title of the story and name of the author near the beginning of your paragraph.
  • Do not use contractions (i.e. write “do not” instead of “don’t”)
  • Avoid using “a lot” to describe a quantity.  Use more powerful language like “several” or “an enormous amount”, etc…
  • Use the present tense when writing literary responses
  • Shorten your quotations by using an elipses (…)
  • Remember the acronym P.E.E. when using quotes
    • P: make a point
    • E: follow with evidence (quote)
    • E: then explain why the quote is important or what it reveals about the character
  • Avoid using first person point of view (“I”)
  • Integrate your quotations ** for tips on integrating quotations, click on the following Link: Integrating Quotes