Homework: Passage Response

  • Write down the significance of each of the following passages in the novel, The Catcher in the Rye.  (Why is the passage is important?  What insights are revealed about Holden?  What insights are revealed about the world in which Holden lives?  etc…)
    1. Page 103-104 and page 150. ( The scenes involving Holden and his fantasy of having a “bullet in the guts”
    2. Pages 130+ (The scene involving Sally and his plan to run away with her.  This is the scene where it first becomes apparent that he is losing control)
    3. Pages 141, 154-155, and 170 (Holden’s thoughts on death, suicide, and James Castle)
    4. Pages 186+ (Mr. Antolini + his discussion about “the fall” and “the mark of the immature man…”)