Readings: finish the novel.


Chapters 19 – 22

  1. How did Holden’s fantasy of having a “bullet in his guts” reflect his current state of mind? (2)
  2. Why did Holden finally decide to see Phoebe after walking around the lagoon in Central Park? (2)
  3. How did Holden’s mood change when he saw Phoebe sleeping?  How did Phoebe respond when Holden woke her?  Why was her response important to him? (3)
  4. Who was James Castle?  Why was he important to Holden? (2)
  5. Why do you think Holden was able to unburden himself to Phoebe?  What common themes do you find in all his criticisms? (3)
  6. What do you think is the significance of Holden’s interpretation of “the catcher in the rye”? (2)
  7. What is ironic about the following situations in The Catcher in the Rye (1 mark each)

 a)    Holden stated that the Wicker Bar was filled with phonies and that he didn’t go there anymore.  Holden met Luce in that bar.

b)   Holden considered himself old enough and responsible enough to drink.  He got very drunk before going to see Phoebe.